Join us on Many Hands Farm for some exciting learning opportunities in 2017!  We will be learning tonnes of practical, hands-on permaculture and farm skills! We are more than happy for parents and toddlers to be on the farm during the class time. Classes will fill up fast so email or call me to register or ask questions! These classes will run rain or shine or snow.


Located in Westholme (7 minutes north of Duncan)

Come join us for some amazing hands on learning!

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“My daughter ( 8yrs old & Self Design homeschooled) has been taking the permaculture classes at Many Hands Farm and asks to return every season and series. We are back for our 4th time ! She has learned how to milk a cow and churn it’s cream to butter, how to thrush wheat and grind the grain to flour. Microscopes are used often and was fascinating with study of bees, they made bug hotels and seed bombs, they learned about the 12 principals of permaculture ( observe and interact, catch and store energy, etc) , food forests layering , living web and design and so much more ! We adore this family and are grateful that they are sharing the knowledge they have learned by walking the talk and transforming their acreage into flourishing and nourishing landscapes that provide food, fibre, energy and community! We admire and are inspired by Many Hands Farms , great people making a better world!”

Carrie Dawn Schultz
Jan 2016